• an image of two acoustic guitars against a white background
  • a man holding an acoustic guitar standing next to a woman against a background of hanging guitars
  • a man in a green shirt holding a blue electric guitar with a blue-lined case behind it
  • fingers on a fretboard of an acoustic guitar with the fingers in focus
  • a man holding a guitar in smoke
  • a man holding a guitar
  • fingers on a fretboard
  • Strings on an acoustic guitar
  • Guy Playing Orange Electric Guitar with Single Cutaway
  • Black Satin Acoustic guitar with Cutaway

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MacMilllan Guitars Special Event

Marty MacMillan will show his handmade guitars during this one-day event. Come check him out! You can feel, play, and hear these remarkable instruments in person here at The Music Man.

MacMillan guitars are handmade in Nashville, USA!