The Secret To Increased Brain Capacity and Function

There have been thousands of studies done surrounding the benefits that come from playing a musical instrument.  The evidence points toward an increase in brain capacity and a raised IQs in individuals after learning how to play a musical instrument.  There is no denying it, playing an instrument offers individuals a greater ability to understand and process information.  What is interesting is that studies are also finding that playing an instrument can help to heal symptoms of anxiety and depression and improve brain function and cognitive behaviors in individuals who have suffered a brain injury or stroke.  This article from aNewDomain, “Here’s Why Playing A Musical Instrument Is So Good for Your Brain” provides insight on the connection between playing an instrument and your brain. 

No matter what age a person is, learning to play an instrument is more than just a hobby.  We can help you get started on your way to higher intellect today!  We offer a variety of musical instruments for sale from acoustic guitars to banjos as well as professional instruction through qualified instructors.  The Music Man is your one stop shop for instruments, lessons, and repair. 

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Things to know when buying your first guitar

It is not an accident when a guitar plays well. How a guitar plays is called the “action”.

Any guitar can be made to play well. You just have to get it into the hands of a tech who knows how to adjust the action properly. In rare cases it does not make financial sense to fix a guitar as the cost of repair may be greater than the value of the instrument.

All string instruments are impacted by changing humidity and will require periodic adjustments.

During cold months, when your furnace kicks on, it heats the air, dries the air and the wood of your instrument which can shift—and in some cases crack. Air conditioning can have the same impact. There are small humidifiers on the market, that fit in your guitar case and protect your instrument from drying.

When you buy an acoustic guitar, you are paying for the sound.

As you increase the price of an acoustic guitar, you get a bigger, fuller, more well-balanced sound. Even an inexpensive guitar can be adjusted to play well. It just won’t have the sound of a more expensive instrument.

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