Christmas Music Has Arrived

Christmas Sheet Music - The Music Man Man

With Autumn absolutely blowing by and Winter here much earlier than desired The Music Man felt the festive fever and the Christmas music is here to reflect that. Stop in and browse the selection to find the perfect festive tune for your holiday party or just to share with your family!

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We Hear It All the Time

“What instrument should we start out on?”

The answer is easy.

Get the student the instrument they see themselves playing. If they want to play acoustic guitar, start with acoustic guitar. If they want to play electric guitar, start with an electric guitar. If the student wants drums, piano, or sax – that is the instrument for them.

It is an issue of self-image. If you fulfill that self-image, chances of success will be greater because the student will spend more time. If the student spends more time, they will get better. If they get better, they will have more fun. If they have more fun, they will spend more time, they get better. It is a circle.

Lessons From an Experienced Instructor Speeds the Process

When a student teaches themselves, progression is usually much slower. Experienced instructors have already seen what it takes to master an instrument. They can save a student time, and the wheel spinning that happens when a student tries to teach themselves. Use all tools available – books, friends, videos. YouTube is a great resource, but there is no substitute for a good teacher.

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Finding the Musical Inspiration Everywhere

Learning to play an instrument is not something that happens overnight. Sounds obvious but talk to any musician today, regardless of age, and you’d be surprised how many times they “gave up” before gaining the skill necessary to be where they are right now. For every skilled musician out in the world you can bet there are at least two or three whose attention spans couldn’t keep up with the demand to get the necessary practice in.

Learning an instrument isn’t all about practice. Finding ways to keep yourself immersed in that world is equally important, and it can be harder than it looks. For example, that one guy who always brings a guitar to that college party. Sure, it tends to illicit groans from a large chunk of the audience, but how many people there might get a spark of inspiration even from seeing somebody else play in an open setting? Perhaps one or two people at that party are in the process of learning but have it a wall and being exposed to even a moderately skilled player may help smash through that wall. You simply don’t know, but that’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for any musical inspiration to keep you practicing and enjoying every moment of it.

There’s a deceptively simple reason why people are so enthralled by a great musician: it’s impressive to be able to play an instrument. Anybody who thinks they can pick up a guitar or keyboard and start headlining Bonaroo that year will quickly realize they may need lessons or, at the very least, give into the demanding work it takes to become somebody who can enthrall an audience on stage or at a party. There’s nothing else quite like it, and it’s a skill you can keep with you forever. It’s a kind of creativity most people wish they had but decide not to work towards obtaining. Everybody just needs that spark of inspiration every now and then to keep going.

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Benefits From Music Lessons

The one thing all parents can agree on is that they want to set their children up to succeed in life.  Yes, success may be defined differently but essentially it results in happy, healthy children that thrive in life. 

Many studies have shown the benefits children involved with music have in education over their peers who have not.  It has been proven that children who are introduced to music through lessons have an easier time in school when it comes to learning math, patience, and overall working within classmates.  In this installment from Parents Magazine, “6 Benefits of Music Lessons” the author discusses the many benefits a child receives through music education. 

If you are on the fence about what activities to get your children involved in this summer, The Music Man recommends giving music lessons a try.  There are a number of instruments to choose from depending on the child’s interests and our instructors make learning how to play fun!  From Guitar lessons to Piano lessons and everything in between, we have an instructor that is the perfect fit for your child.

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Music Lesson Teach More Than Just Music To Children

Music has a way of bringing out some of the best qualities in people. Learning a skill at a young age will only help them develop and mature with their musical talents as time continues on which is why many of children start music lessons at the beginning of life.

One of the best qualities a child can learn through early on music lessons is discipline. Music lessons require commitment from the person just as it does for any other sport. A musician has to practice in order to get better at it which will teach them delayed gratification as a result. The ultimate goal of music lessons is to learn to play an instrument however, that is not all they will learn. Other things like math, motor skills, and even social skills and a child’s confidence will also improve significantly.

The article “How Do Music Lessons For Kids Teach Discipline?” describes even further benefits of music lessons for children more in depth. If you are looking to get your child or you started music lessons that expand from piano, guitar, drums, sax, voice and more The Music Man has you covered.  We have a number of private instructors that are happy to give you the direction you need whether you are just starting out or having been playing for a while!

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