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Things to know when buying your first guitar

It is not an accident when a guitar plays well. The general feel and playability of a guitar is called the "action".

Any guitar can be made to play well. You just need to get it into the hands of a professional who knows how to adjust the action properly. In rare cases, it does not make financial sense to fix a guitar as the cost of repair may be greater than the value of the instrument.

All string instruments are impacted by changing humidity and require periodic adjustments.

When the seasons change and you turn on the furnace or the air conditioning, it dries or dampens the air in the environment and effects the wood of your instrument. This can cause your guitar to shift and in some cases crack. Invest in a small (de)humidifier that fits in your guitar case to protect the instrument from humidity.

When you purchase an acoustic guitar, you are paying for the sound.

Inexpensive guitars can be adjusted to play well. It just won’t have the sound of a more expensive instrument. As the price increases of an acoustic guitar, you are paying more to get a bigger, fuller, more well-balanced sound.

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